About Us


Our Mission

MoyaMoya Foundation is working to build and sustain a support network for those battling MoyaMoya as well as to aid families financially and emotionally. We believe awareness is the first step in this process to bringing attention to a disease that is not widely known. A great support system helps people impacted by MoyaMoya disease connect with others coping with similar experiences.


How You Can Help

- Sharing Your Stories and Experience

- Increasing Awareness

- Attending Fundraisers 

- Making Donations


Our Team & History


The idea for a fundraiser to increase awareness of MoyaMoya began over a year and a half ago, while visiting a special person that means so much to us in the hospital. Our inspiration's endless positive attitude and perseverance over this period has inspired us to also create this MoyaMoya Foundation. To date, we have conducted research, formed a team and board, had meetings, consulted lawyers, drafted and filed paperwork and have been able to create this foundation. We are also continuing to plan a fundraiser for May 2021.

Our team consists of all volunteers, including the board members. 

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